The Confluence for Watershed Leaders is a community and collaborative of people working for healthy watersheds in the Great Lakes, Greater Mississippi River, and Red River Basins of the U.S. Midwest and Mid-South. It is where watershed professionals, watershed educators, and engaged farmers and landowners can connect, learn, and increase their success in achieving clean water goals.

What We Do and Why We Do It

To achieve clean water goals, we need to invest more in people. The Confluence builds the capacity and confidence of watershed leaders by improving their access to professional development, peer learning, resources, and other opportunities, and by amplifying their stories and successes.

People installing a monitoring station in a creek

Who We Are

We are a collaboration that includes university Extension from across the Midwest and Mid-South, regional and national nonprofits, and federal agencies.

Join us, because connection makes us stronger.

If you are a watershed professional, watershed educator, or farmer in the U.S. Midwest or Mid-South who wants to make meaningful impact for water, land, and people, we invite you to join our online community. It’s free, and it’s a gateway to support and a sense of being part of something bigger.