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Nature-Based Solutions Funding Database

National Wildlife Federation’s interactive database for communities interested in pursuing federal funding and/or technical assistance for nature-based solutions. 

Tap Your Potential: A Training to Grow Farmer Leadership in Watershed Management

A curriculum designed for use by outreach professionals and educators who work in agricultural watersheds and seek to recruit farmers to play a more proactive role in watershed management in their communities.

One Good Idea

An online clearinghouse of videos and podcasts featuring farmers and their experiences with soil and water conservation practices. The goal is to facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning about these practices and support farmer engagement programming.

Training Needs for Farmer Leaders

A needs assessment of training and programs to cultivate leadership among farmers and farm advisors in promoting and implementing practices that reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loading to waterways in the Basin. 

CaRPE Tool™

The Carbon Reduction Potential Evaluation Tool, or CaRPE Tool™, is a web-based interactive tool that allows users to quickly visualize and quantify greenhouse gas, or GHG, emission reductions resulting from the implementation of a suite of cropland and grazing land conservation management practices.​ 

Oxbow Restoration Toolkit

This toolkit is a step-by-step guide for conservation professionals, landowners, and farmers to learn how to restore oxbow wetlands. 

The Heifer Grazing Compass

The Heifer Grazing Compass is an Excel-based planning tool for anyone considering raising heifers on pasture. The tool is designed to help users predict and understand the cash flow and long-term financial outcomes associated with raising heifers on pasture. It can be used to help dairy farmers assess their options for raising heifers, as well […]

Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF)

The Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF) is a free ArcGIS toolbox that leverages high-resolution geo-spatial data to support the development of strategic watershed plans. Intermediate to advanced GIS specialists can use it to identify site-specific opportunities for conservation practice implementation, while conservation planners can use results to develop watershed plans and collaborate with producers at […]

Social Indicators for Nonpoint Source Management Handbook

Social indicators provide consistent measures of social change within a watershed and can be used by managers at local, state, and federal levels to estimate the impacts of their efforts and resources. This handbook provides a step-by-step for using social indicators to help you plan, implement and evaluate nonpoint source management projects.

Kentucky Watershed Academy training modules

These modules provide a strong foundation for watershed coordinators and other water quality professionals in Kentucky to better understand and navigate the wide range of challenges and opportunities they will inevitably confront in their daily efforts to improve water quality.